The Two Misers

Many years ago, there was a miser, and he certainly was a miser. Having to spend even the smallest coin caused him considerable pain, and he would spend hours and hours thinking of ways to keep his hoard of money from ever diminishing.

One day, he heard that there was a miser living in a nearby town who had never spent anything at all. This sounded good, so our miser visited this outstanding man and learned the secret of his success.

It was a long, back-breaking walk to the town where the other miser lived, especially as our miser walked barefooted to save his chappals from wearing out.

Eventually, he reached his destination and met this great miser, who greeted him as a long-lost brother and invited him to a meal.

This certainly shook our miser, who protested most volubly, “No, no, I have a piece of dry bread in my pocket, which is all I require.”

That will not do,” the great miser said, taking his newly found friend by the arm. “Come with me, and we shall dine out.”

First, they went to the bakery, where the great miser enquired about fresh bread.

My good men,” the baker said, “I have bread that will melt like butter in the mouth” “Ah!” said the great mist. “Then what we need is butter, not bread.”

So off our misers went to the dairy, where the great miser enquired about the price of butter. The dairyman exclaimed. My butter is good. It’s just like ghee.”

“In that case,” muttered the great miser. Perhaps it would be better to have ghee.”

“I have plenty of ghee,” said the dairyman. Good choice, as clear as water.”

“Then,” said the great miser to the other miser. “Let us drink water, which will be as clear as ghee.”

So the two misers returned to the house, and the great miser poured out some water, which they drank with great relish.

Our miser returned home, congratulating himself on having met someone who had shown him that water was as good as anything for a meal.

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