The Stupid Lion

One day a lion, stalking through the forest, saw a beautiful young girl he decided he would like to marry. Following the girl to her home, the lion boldly walked into the house to the horror of the terror-stricken father.

“Do not be afraid,” said the lion. I want to marry your daughter. And you must admit, I will make a fine son-in-law.”

The poor father, confronted by this immense beast, could not take his eyes off the lion’s huge fangs. He realised that those fangs could take off his head if he refused to let his daughter marry this arrogant lion with one bite.

Then he had a brain-wave. Trying hard to stop his teeth from chattering, the father managed to say. “Listen, king of the forest. You can marry my daughter subject to one condition.”

The lion licked his lips in anticipation and roared, giving the father a none-too-gentle nudge with one of his paws. “Name your condition, and it will be fulfilled.”

At this, the father began to pluck up his courage. Listen carefully, my friend,” he said. “You must remember my daughter is of tender years, and your fangs and claws will sear her. Now if you have them removed, you can marry my daughter.”

“Then send for the doctor and let him take them out,” the lion glibly said, thinking his fangs and claws would soon grow again.

So the doctor was sent for, and after much tugging and heaving, removed the lethal objects.

The lion did not feel so good afterwards, and as he wended. On his way home to rest his aching gums and feet, a pack of hyenas noticed his plight, fell upon the lion, and had a good feast.

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