Faults In Others

BRAHMA, the Creator, called together all the creatures he had created to find out what improvements they would like.

“Friends,” he said, addressing all creatures, “I have done my best to provide you with everything you are likely to require. But that does not mean that you cannot have any improvements if you want to. If you find any defects in you, I am ready to rectify them. If you want certain things you haven’t got now, I am ready to provide you with them. I want you to speak out one after the other.”

The Ape was the first to stand up and clear its throat. “Dear Father,” he said, “I am quite all right, thank you. I lack nothing and have everything. But it seems that poor Bear is badly handicapped by thick hair all over his body and an odd way of walking.”

“What’s wrong with my hair anyway?” objected the Bear. “It’s nice and warm. But seeing the Elephant, I wonder whether she would like to be something else. She seems entirely out of shape to me.”

One after another, the creatures got up and said they were all right, but the others were all wrong. Brahma sighed in relief and sent them away. He was aware of quite a few shortcomings in his creation, but he was saved the trouble of rectifying them since the creatures saw faults only in others and not in themselves.

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