Fatal Greed

A fox once made friends with a wolf and found that he had to play the part of a servant since the wolf was much more robust. Whenever the wolf was hungry, it used to say to the fox, “Find me something to eat, or I’ll eat you!” And, being a cunning creature, the fox always showed him something to kill and eat.

One day the wolf said to the fox, “I am starving. Show me something to eat, or I’ll eat you!”

“Don’t worry. Today the washerman has killed his sheep and stored the mutton in his cellar in a big pot. We shall go there after dark and eat our fill,” the fox told the wolf.

Accordingly, the fox and wolf went to the washerman’s house after dark. In the mud wall of the house, there was a narrow gap through which the fox and the wolf managed to go in with some difficulty. There was meat inside, as the fox promised. After eating a little, the fox suggested to the wolf, “Let us go now.”

“There is a lot more. Let me eat as much as possible, ” the wolf devoured the meat.

The washerman heard some sound in the cellar and came to investigate it. The fox at once escaped through the gap in the wall, but the wolf, when he too tried to pass through it, got stuck in it because of his distended belly. The washerman thrashed the help. Less wolf with his stick till the wolf was dead.

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