Why The Servant Cried

A long, long time ago, a king was a cruel tyrant. He was hated by his people and dreaded by his servants. When he eventually died, the whole kingdom heaved a sigh of relief. Everywhere the people danced and sang, for their tyrant monarch would be succeeded by his son, who was both noble and kind.

On the coronation day, as the new King was setting out through the palace gates in the procession, he noticed one of his servants was in tears.

Stopping, the King asked the servant, “My good fellow, why are you sad when everyone else is rejoicing on this happy occasion? Is it possible that you grieve the death of the late King?”

“It is not that, your Majesty”, replied the man, wiping his tears. “Whenever the old King came out of the palace, he would always beat me with his walking stick for no reason. I am frightened that wherever the old King has gone, they may not want to keep him and may send him back.”

Everyone, including the King, burst out laughing at the servant’s cause of grief.

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