True to Life

ALEXANDER once called upon a painter and ordered him to do a painting of his horse. The artist took great pains and produced an excellent reproduction of the horse. Alexander was pleased with the work but did not wish to recognise the artist’s talent openly. So he found several faults in the painting, hoping to humble the artist.

The artist patiently listened to the criticism and finally said to Alexander,” Sir, will you kindly send for your horse?” Alexander did not know why he wanted the horse but sent for him all the same. The horse saw the painting and neighed loudly.

The artist said to the baffled Alexander, “Sir, your horse seems to know better than you. He neighed at the horse in the painting, thinking it to be a real horse. This is the best proof that my work is true to life!”

Alexander realised his blunder, paid the artist handsomely and sent him away.

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