The Stupid Wolf

One day a washerman’s Donkey wanted to rid himself of the struggle of carrying bundles of clothes. He went into the forest where there was plenty to eat and none to obey.

But soon, the Donkey found other hazards in the forest. For he saw a hungry Wolf approaching him. At once, the Donkey thought of a plan to escape from the Wolf and began to limp with one of his hind legs.

The Wolf was pleased to see that his victim was not only a donkey considered stupid but also lame and incapable of running away.

“Well, my friend,” said the Wolf to the Donkey. “What is the matter with your leg?”

“I was foolish enough to get a thorn into my leg,” replied the Donkey. “You look hungry. Probably you want to eat me. In that case, you should remove the thorn first.”

“Let’s look at it!” said the Wolf and went behind the Donkey. The Donkey lifted its foot and, while the Wolf was busy examining it, gave him such a terrible kick in the face that the stupid Wolf lost all his teeth.

The Donkey also thought better about leaving the washerman and returned to him without delay.

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