The Pan That Died

Once Goha wanted to eat some preparations which required frying. He borrowed a neighbour’s pan for this purpose. After he finished with it, Goha sent back the neighbour’s pan and a smaller one placed in it.

The neighbour was surprised to see an extra pan in his own. He came to Goha and said, “How is it, Goha? You borrowed my pan, but there was a smaller pan in it when you returned?”

“I know nothing about it, friend,” said Goha. “Possibly, your pan has borne a child.” The neighbour went away satisfied with this explanation.

Later, Goha again borrowed the pan from his neighbour, who gave it willingly. But this time, Goha did not return the pan. The neighbour waited a long time and then went to Goha.

“My friend, I know my pan is safe with you, but I need it. Can I have it back,” he asked Goha.

“Pan? What pan?” Gohan asked in surprise.

“Why,” said the neighbour, “the one which bore a child that time.”

“Ah, friend,” Goha said, sighing. “You know that which is born is destined to die. Your poor pan was dead long ago!”

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