The Mighty And The Low

Long ago, the Lion called for a meeting of all the beasts because several things were to be settled. All the creatures of the realm attended the summit, from the Elephant down to the humblest Crayfishes. Being the king, the Lion was in the chair, and the rest of the animals began a heated debate. The Bear, the Elephant and the Hippo shouted their best and drowned the feeble voices of the lesser creatures.

But the real trouble started when the clumsy Elephant trod on one Crayfish. The other Crayfishes protested. But the more giant animals decided it was unnecessary to fuss over a mere Crayfish.

So the Crayfishes got wild and walked out on the meeting. They burrowed their way into the earth, leaving holes that reached right to the sea. There were so many Cray-fishes burrowing into the world that presently, the seawater rushed up through them. The land, the mountains and all the creatures on earth were drowned in the surging waters, and there was a deluge. Thus the mighty beasts paid for their contempt for the so-called low animals.

The Mighty And The Low

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