The Hunters Luck

Ever since the tragic death of Wolf at the hands of Rabbit, Fox trembled at the very mention of Rabbit. He gave up all idea of measuring his strength against that creature.

So whenever he happened to come across Rabbit, he smiled weakly, said, “How do you do?” and passed on.

Gradually their old friendship was resumed. Each began to call upon the other and spent some time chatting.

One evening, Fox visited Rabbit, chatted with him for a while, and then said, “I intend to go on a hunt tomorrow. I shall start in the morning and come back in the evening. Why don’t you come with me for company’s sake?”

“I can’t,” said Rabbit. “I am too busy. After you come back from the hunt, you can give me something useful.”

So, the following day, Fox took a sack and went out to hunt in the jungle.

He caught several wild ducks and similar games, placed them in his sack, and started for home in the evening.

Rabbit stayed home all day, went out in the evening, and waited by the path along which Fox was to return. As soon as he could hear Fox whistling as he came along, Rabbit lay down on the ground as if dead.

Soon Fox came there, saw a dead rabbit, and said, “My, what a fat rabbit! I shall deposit my sack at home and come back for the Rabbit! I am just dying to eat Rabbit!”

Then he passed on.

As soon as Fox went out of sight, Rabbit got up, flew along a shortcut, and again lay down across the path of Fox and pretended to be dead. Soon Fox came along, saw another dead rabbit, and said, “Gosh! Ano- the fat Rabbit dead! Today there are dead rabbits everywhere. Let me go back and fetch the other one. Here is a treat that should not be missed!”

So saying, the Fox dropped his sack and ran back along the path he had come. At once, Rabbit got up, shouldered the bag and went home.

Fox searched and searched but could not find the Rabbit. It had just disappeared. Then he came to where he had dropped the sack. To his surprise, both the bag and the dead Rabbit were gone! He went home tired, hungry and disappointed.

When Rabbit saw Fox again, he asked, “What did you bring back from the hunt, brother? I thought you would be giving me something.”

“O yes,” Fox replied, “I brought back some solid sense.”

“You had no call to hunt for it, you know, “Rabbit said. “I could have given it to you if only you asked me.”

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