The Fox and the Rabbit

Once a rabbit lived in a big, roomy burrow. He cultivated carrots and lived on them peacefully and happily; a fox had his eye on the rabbit and set many traps for him. But the wise rabbit avoided them all.

At last, the fox thought of an excellent plan by which he could catch the rabbit without fail. He spread some tar on the path the rabbit took his morning walks. The fox strewed some green grass over the tar, so it was not visible.

The following day the rabbit came on his usual walk, and his feet got stuck in the tar. The rabbit picked up some of the grass and found tar underneath. He waited helplessly.

Soon the fox arrived and saw that his trick worked.

With great satisfaction, he collected some dry twigs and made a fire.

The wise rabbit thought of a plan to escape. “Mr Fox! Please do not start a fire so close to me, for heaven’s sake. I am afraid of it!” he said.

“Is that so, Mr Rabbit?” sneered the fox. “I expect you to come very close indeed to the fire just to oblige me!” He brought the fire nearer and nearer to the rabbit, laughing “Ha ha!” all the while.

The foolish fox brought the fire so near the rabbit that the tar began to melt and flow. Suddenly the rabbit leapt out of the tar, which no longer held his feet, and shouted, “Thanks a lot, Mr Fox! Thanks a lot!” Then he disappeared into his burrow.

Chandamama October 1955 | Rethinam

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