The Fighting Vegetables

Once a dispute arose among the vegetables as to which of them was the best. “I’m the best because I can easily replace rice should it cease to exist,” said the Maize.

“So can I,” said the Yam.

“So can I, too,” said the Pumpkin.

They went to Brahma and asked him to give his verdict in the dispute.

“All the three of you are right,” said Brahma. “But, since the Maize has the Bean for a friend, it stands superior to the other two.”

Having heard this verdict, the Yam and the Pumpkin got jealous of the Maize. They went into the forest for weapons to fight the Maize with. Knowing this, the Maize obtained poison and poisoned the Yam with it.

Still, a terrible fight did take place. In this fight, the Maize and the Bean won the day and stood erect in the field, victorious. Defeated in battle, the Yam went underground while the Pumpkin crawled on the ground.

To this day, they have not changed their positions.

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