The Cat and The Meat

Goha, the witty man of Cairo, once bought three seers of meat and took it home.

“I am going out now and shall be back exactly at noon,” Goha told his wife. “In the meantime, prepare some kababs with the meat and keep them ready.”

Goha’s wife cut up all the meat and some onions and prepared kababs. She found them so excellent that she sent word to her brother to come at once and taste some. Between the brother and the sister, all the kababs were consumed long before Goha’s return.

When Goha came home and asked about the kababs, his wife told him, “Curse that cat! He ate all the meat, and I couldn’t make any kababs.”

At once, Goha obtained a pair of scales and weighed the cat; it weighed precisely three seers.

“Accursed woman,” Goha shouted, “if this is the meat, where is the cat?”

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