One Against Three

There was a peasant who cultivated sugar cane in his field. The crop was good, and the peasant had to protect it from casual plunderers. One day, three young fellows, sons of the local Zamindar, pujari, and money-lender, came by the field, saw the canes and decided to eat them.

But the peasant was shrewd. In a flash, he hit upon a plan. He approached the Zamindar’s son and said, “Sir, you are welcome. Have as many canes as you want. Your friend, the pujari’s son, is also welcome. But why do you keep company with this money-lender’s son? He is a disgrace to you.”

“You are right,” said the Zamindar’s son. “Drive the fellow out!” The peasant hit the money-lender’s son with his stick, and the poor fellow ran away. “Now that I think of it,” said the peasant, looking at the pujari’s son, “this young man is no fit company for you either.”

“All right,” said the Zamindar’s son, “Drive him away.” The pujari’s son did not wait till he was beaten. Then the peasant turned to the Zamindar’s son, raised his stick and said, “Get out of my field this minute, you disgraceful son of a Zamindar!”

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