Master Miser

A certain miser of a particular country came to know that there were misers who excelled him. He heard that a specific man in another country could give him tips on miserliness and started to meet that man.

He journeyed on foot for several days and reached where the Master lived. The Master received him very warmly, learned the purpose of the visit, and said, “We can talk about that later. Let me give you food first.”

Surprised at this, the miser said, “Please do not worry about my account. I’ve got a loaf of dry bread.”

“No, no,” said the Master. “You are my guest, and I must feed you.” Then he took his guest to a bread shop and asked the shopkeeper, “Have you excellent bread ?” “Master.” said the shopkeeper, “I have bread as soft as butter.” “Let us have butter itself,” said the Master.

They went to a butter shop. “I’ve butter as fine as oil,” said the shopman.

“No, no,” said the Master, “we shall have oil instead.” They went to an oilman who said, “I’ve oil which is as clear as water!”

“We may as well have water itself,” said the Master. He gave his guest a glass of water. The miser returned home, having had his lesson from the Master.

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