Joy and Luck

One day the deities of Joy and Luck, wandering over the land, reached a town. There they saw a feeble man hawking brooms in the street. Joy pitied the man and wanted to do some good to him. She bought all the brooms from the poor man for twice their value. After some time, the sisters happened to pass through the same town. They again saw the poor man. He was still selling brooms in the street.

Joy was sorry that she failed to help the poor man. She bought all the brooms he had for four times their value this time. Some more days went by, and the deities visited the same town once again. Joy was annoyed that the broom seller was still in the street with his miserable store of brooms.

“I was a fool!” they said. Joy. “This fellow doesn’t deserve any help.”

“Watch me help him,” said Luck. She bought all the brooms from the poor man. She paid only their regular price. Then the sisters departed.

After some time, they made one more trip to the town. As they went up the main street, they saw a cart coming. There were bags of grain piled on the couch, and the man driving the cart was none other than the broom seller.

See, sister!” Luck said to Joy. “You have only shown him joy in selling brooms. I’ve got him interested in doing business, and he has prospered!”

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