A Foolish Fight

One hot summer day, a ferocious lion and a wild boar visited the same water hole. They wanted to quench their thirst with the lovely cool water.

On seeing each other, they both became mad with rage. “Wait until I have had my drink of water,” growled the lion.

“Certainly not!” grunted the boar loudly.

“Then fight for your life,” roared the lion.

With this, they rushed headlong at each other and fought with all their might and strength. Soon they were both badly mauled and bleeding profusely. But still, neither of them would give in.

Seemingly from nowhere, a flock of vultures arrived on the scene. They perched on the branches of the trees over- head and waited patiently for the two beasts to kill one another. Then they would have a fine meal of wild boar and lion’s flesh.

The lion suddenly became aware of the presence of the vultures and signalled to the wild boar to stop fighting, showing him the hungry-looking vultures looking down upon them.

“Let us stop our fighting and be friends,” the lion said to the boar. “Otherwise, one or maybe both of us will become a meal for those loath- ‘some birds.”

“Agreed,” replied the boar. Then both the lion and the wild boar slowly dragged themselves to the water’s edge; side by side, they drank their fill of water.

After that, both of them painfully went their different ways.

As for the vultures, they were done out of a fine, tasty dinner!

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