A Cleaver Monkey

A particular monkey living on the bank of a river wanted to cross the river and go to the other bank where there was plenty of fruit. But there was no way of crossing the river.

So the monkey approached a crocodile swimming on the bank and said, “Friend, how are you? I always see you alone. I suppose you have no kith and kin?”

“But I have! There are so many of us that we can block the river if we want!” replied the crocodile.

“Ah, you exaggerate,” said the monkey. “I can’t believe it unless I see it with my own eyes!”

“Wait a moment!” said the crocodile. He slipped into the river, called all the other crocodiles and got them to lie across the river’s width.

“My!” said the monkey. “I think there are almost two dozen of you!”

“Two dozen!” shouted the crocodile. “There are more than a hundred. Count us if you want!”

“I will!” said the monkey. He jumped onto the back of the first crocodile, saying, “One!” He jumped onto the back of the next crocodile and the next, counting each until he was on the other side. “Thank you, friend !” the monkey shouted, “for helping me cross the river!”

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